About us

Founded in 1968 by Manuel Pedro Custódio, Manulena was born specialised in the production of church and light candles, where the quality of the products was instrumental in the success of the company. Our highly accepted products and recognized quality standards were a strong encouragement that lead us to the development of specific technologies and the creation of new ranges in the areas of decoration and environment. Raw materials and final products are submitted to regular testing and laboratory research, in order to permanently reassure the best technicaal solutions, hight quality and safety standards. The range of diffusers and future line of cosmetics are the result of a proposal for sophistication and style originating in quality products. In a permanent effort to satisfy the needs of and increasing number of consumers we created our own registered trademarks, Manulena Candle and Sensia. Our products are present in national market and in markets with such specific and demanding features such as the UK, Spain, France, Germany and the United States. The Manulena want to promote environmental awareness and sensitize the population to the promotion of national products. Our mission is to continue to preserve the name and history achieved over more 40 years of activity, continually looking to design a modern and innovative company, both domestically and in the international market.